Winter Prep Tasks

North Raleigh Real Estate AgentWelcome back! In our last post, our North Raleigh real estate agent began discussing the importance of getting your home winter ready. Completing the winter prep tasks in our last post, as well as this one will help to ensure that your home stays toasty warm during cold nights when prospective buyers are most likely to view your home while it’s on the market!

Below, you’ll find that our North Raleigh real estate agent has tackled the checklist that helps you get your lawn and decks ready for wintery weather!

Winter Tasks | North Raleigh Real Estate Agent

  • Aerate the lawn, reseed, and apply a winterizing fertilizer. This will help deep-root growth during the spring. Prepping your lawn for winter will in turn, prep your lawn for spring!
  • Check any and all wooden handrails attached to outdoor stairs to ensure they’re secured and ready to handle winter weather.
  • Clean and cover patio furniture. If you don’t have a cover for the furniture, consider storing it in a clean and dry garage or storage shed to make sure it’s protected from wind, rain, ice and snow this winter.
  • Clean and dry decks or patios. Make sure all dirt, leaves and other debris is removed from between boards or stones. Any left might help mold and mildew grow throughout the winter.
  • Rid planters from summer and fall plants and make sure they’re clean and rid of any leftover soil. Store the pots in the garage or storage area. Terra cotta pots can swell and crack when wet. Make sure to lay them on their sides during storage.
  • Dig up flower bulbs, brush off soil, and label. Store bulbs in a bag or box with peat moss in a cool, dry place for spring replanting.
  • Ensure rain or snow drains away from the house to avoid foundation problems. Add extra dirt to low areas, if there isn’t a slope that leads away from your home.
  • Examine decks for breakage, deterioration, or insect damage. Repair breakage and damage. If needed, treat the area for insects to prevent further damage over the winter.
  • Check outdoor lighting in each area where it is located. Keeping areas illuminated will help prevent those potential buyers, as well as you and your family, from having an accident on icy walkways or black ice at night and during early mornings.
  • Remove garden hoses and store them away for the winter. Leaving them out can cause them to crack and lose shape. Also be sure to wrap exterior faucets with something to keep them from freezing during below 0 temps.
  • Shut exterior faucets off and drain water from any outdoor pipes, sprinkler heads, or valves.
  • Trim unkempt branches away from the house to make sure they’re not in the way of electrical wires. Leaving them might result in iced-over or windblown branches that cause property damage and power issues.

In our next post, our North Raleigh real estate agent will go over a few more tasks that should be done around the outside of your home! Remember, fall is the time to get these winter prep tasks done, especially if you’re considering selling your home in North Raleigh NC this winter. To talk further with an agent about selling your home, contact Roark Premier Team, today!

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