Raleigh Named #2 on Forbes’ Fastest Growing City List!

SONY DSCThinking of Selling Your Home in Raleigh?

If you live and work in and around the Raleigh NC area, it’s no surprise to you. The area is growing at an alarmingly fast pace! It’s growing so fast, that the city has found itself on Forbes’ annual list of "America’s Fastest-Growing Cities." Not only did it make the list, Raleigh NC was named the second fastest growing city in the US. Those thinking of selling their home in Raleigh better get going! Homes will be needed!

Why was Raleigh chosen? Forbes feels like the Research Triangle Park and the major universities nearby are two constantly growing attributes that will continue to bring growth to the city. According to Forbes.com, “The fastest-growing ranking accounts for more than simple population increase. It includes job growth, unemployment, median salaries and gross metro product as well. Raleigh’s jobs grew at a rate of 2.44 percent year-over-year while the population jumped an estimated 2.15 percent in 2013. In addition, an even faster population growth is expected in 2014.”

Are you wondering which city beat Raleigh for the top spot on Forbes’ list? We were, as well! It seems that Austin Texas claimed the top spot as the fastest growing city in the US. In fact, Texas ended up with three cities in the top 10. Our Raleigh real estate agents are proud of the fact that Raleigh made the list. To come in at number two is amazing! We know what a growing city means for its residents. Opportunity for great jobs, health care, and more growth will be a staple in Raleigh NC. Who wouldn’t want to live here? In addition to the Research Triangle Park and major universities, there’s great health care, affordable cost-of-living, and tolerable, year-round weather.

What’s not to love? The Roark Premier Team loves Raleigh NC and its surrounding area, and is sure you will, too! If you’re thinking of moving to the area and would like to check out a few available homes for sale, contact our Raleigh real estate agents! Also, if you're thinking of selling your home in Raleigh, contact us as well!

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