Selling Points From a Buyer’s Prospective

raleigh real estate agentWelcome back! In our last post, our Raleigh real estate agent began discussing selling points in homes that most homeowners don't often recognize as highlights or features when listing their homes. We mentioned that those homes with the features below should be highlighted in a way that attracts the buyers:

  • Commercial-grade appliances
  • A home that sits on many acres of land
  • Your home is in the most prominent neighborhood in town
  • You have a million dollar view of a lake, city, or other beautiful aspect

Our Raleigh real estate agent understands that you might take these for granted, but most potential buyers might buy your home based on the fact that you do have a gorgeous view of the city or live in a prestigious neighborhood.

Selling Points | Raleigh Real Estate Agent

Of course, if you do have any of the things listed above, some buyers might consider those obvious selling points. Just because you, as the homeowner have overlooked these features, buyers are almost always attracted to these highlights, but they won't know they're there if they aren't notified of them.

Thankfully, there are other features that buyers are looking for that you might not realize they’ll want to see in a home that they’re considering purchasing. It’s important to remember that just because you don’t consider certain aspects of your home a highlight that doesn’t mean potential buyers won’t either. Most of the time, you’re moving from your home because you don’t like it or it's no longer accommodating. That doesn’t mean the next homeowner will automatically feel the same way. Think outside your situation when listing your home and its features.

Those that really do have a normal home in a normal neighborhood with no fancy views, prestigious credentials, or tons of acreage to go with the home, should consider adding the following to their list of features:

Storage. Everyone loves extra storage. No matter how small your home is, if you have somewhere that can be utilized as storage space, it’s an added bonus! Be sure to showcase your storage in the best possible way!

You might be moving because the home isn’t big enough for you and your family, but it's important to remember that highlighting the storage space your current home has is a great way to attract target buyers. The space size might be just what they're looking for! Don't count anything out as a highlight when selling your home! You never know what buyers are looking for or are interested in!

Raleigh Real Estate Agent | Roark Premier Team

For more ideas on accentuating selling points and highlights of your home that buyers will love, be sure to visit back with our Raleigh real estate agent, next post!

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