Sell Your Home Quickly This Winter!

Selling Tips for Winter | North Raleigh Real Estate

Need a little help selling your home this winter? We all consider this time of year a bad time to sell. With shorter days and cold weather, we assume that no one is out house hunting. However, there are more people out viewing homes than you think. And today, our real estate agent is here to help you get your home sold quickly!

Cozy Fire | North Raleigh Real Estate

If you have gas logs, an open fireplace or wood burning stove, be sure to get it going before a viewing. The warm fire will not only heat the room for cold guests, but it will also offer a cozy, welcome-home type feel that viewers will love. If your fireplace leaves the room smoky though, don’t light it. Allergies and smoke sensitivities can really turn buyers away. Consider lighting candles around the fire place and offering apple cider or hot chocolate instead!


One of the biggest home trends today is that of the entryway. There’s so much potential to decorate it in a stylish and functional way! Be sure to keep yours clean and clutter free so that buyers can see the potential there. You can leave out a boot tray, coat rack and cute stool there for guests to leave muddy shoes and coats while viewing your home.

Warm Décor

According to, “A folded throw draped over the back of an armchair, a plump quilt at the foot of the bed or an area rug in warm hues are a few small additions that will make a big difference in the way a room feels to prospective buyers. Also, be sure that every light is on — even for daytime showings. Winter days can be quite dim, and your house will look its best when it's as warmly lit as possible.”

If you’re interested in learning more about selling your home this winter, be sure to visit back with our next blog post soon!

With the lower interest rates and increased sales, it's a great time for sellers to really consider selling their home before the end of this year.Contact our North Raleigh real estate team now for more information!

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