Real Estate Marketing Strategies Part 3

Are you thinking of selling your home this summer? If so, will you use a North Raleigh real estate agent to help you prep and list your home? Some choose to go about this process on their own. While it is possible to do so, it might be a bit difficult. That's why we are here to offer you a few tips and strategies to help!

Marketing Tips and Strategies | North Raleigh Real Estate Agent


Though it's not the most popular and most used way to search for a home, making sure you have a professional looking online presence for your property is a must. Many people search for homes online. You want to make sure you cater to everyone looking for a home to purchase.

Make sure you put beautiful photos, intriguing information and your contact information online, as well. Using social media to get the word out might be useful, too. Using social media gives people a way to share the info with others they know looking for a home.


Do you have any special features that really help your property stand out? If so, don't forget to really play them up on your print ads and online presence! People love to learn ahead of time that your property might feature the following and more:

  • Tennis Court
  • Basketball Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Impressive Sunsets
  • Gorgeous Flower Gardens
  • Ponds or Creeks
  • Expansive Grounds

These features put your home into the luxury property category. Be sure to have your professional photographer take extensive photos of these features so that buyers and agents will know what they're getting into, ahead of time. While swimming pools and gorgeous flower gardens are a plus for most, some buyers don't want to buy a home with these features. Cater to everyone and disclose each and every feature you might have.

One other feature that many don't consider is the way a home looks at twilight. If you have extensive landscape lighting that really makes your home look magical at night, consider having a few photos taken during this time. Also offer potential buyers an option to view the home at night, as opposed to day, so they can experience the beauty, firsthand!

We hope these tips and strategies help you get your home prepared and listed on the market and sold ASAP! While the process might be difficult and stressful, the end result will be rewarding! At any time during this process, feel free to contact our North Raleigh real estate agents for help. They're here to help you get your home listed and sold!

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