Real Estate Marketing Strategies Part 2

Welcome back! In our last blog post our North Hills Raleigh real estate team talked about marketing strategies for homeowners that are selling a home on their own. While the overall process of home selling can be overwhelming, it's especially difficult doing so without an agent. While it can be done, there are several tips and strategies you should follow to ensure your home is sold in a timely manner!

Marketing Tips | North Hills Raleigh Real Estate

Professional Photography

Photos of your home might be the one thing that really sells your home. Without professional grade photos, buyers that see your home listed online or via fliers might never consider viewing it in person. Photos either draw them to the house or turn them away. Bad photos could make your home look blurry or smaller. They could also make the exterior paint look terribly old and dull. Use professional photography to your advantage. They'll capture the beauty of your home, inside and out. You can use these photos to help sell your house online, through the home's website, fliers and brochures, blogs, editorials and more! There are tons of various print ad options you can use the photos for!

You'll find that professional pictures of the home will attract more buyers that are interested in seeing your home in person!

Print Ads

We just mentioned print ads above, and consider it important enough to talk about in detail. Did you know that print ads are still the most commonly noticed and used marketing strategy in real estate today? Though the internet is popular and online listings are seen, print ads are the way to go.

Invest in colorful postcards, brochures and fliers that you can strategically place all over your neighborhood and community. You'll want to have fliers available near your mailbox or at the street so that when potential buyers drive by, they're able to take one. You're also able to list all your contact information on these print ads, as well.

Remember, not everyone in this world uses the internet as much as most do. You want to cater to everyone interested in purchasing a home. Don't make the mistake of only listing your property online. You might just miss out on the best buyer!

We hope these tips and the other found in our next blog post will help you sell your home quickly! If you need help with your listing, don't hesitate to contact our North Hills Raleigh real estate agents! We guarantee to sell your home within 59 days or less or we waive the agent fee!

Roark Premier Team

Still deciding whether or not now is the best time to sell your home? Our North Hills Raleigh real estate team can help you make that decision! Contact us today to learn more about the various selling seasons and which one your home might sell best in! Our agents are standing by to help you get your home sold in 59 days or less!

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