The Real Estate Market Has Changed in the Past Decade

Believe it or not, the real estate market has drastically changed in the past decade. Aside from the recession that we encountered back in 2006, there are several changes that should be noted.

Picky Home Sellers | North Raleigh Real Estate

According to a study conducted recently about North Raleigh real estate, ten years ago 59 percent of homeowners accepted the first offer on a home. Now, they only accept the first offer about 46 percent of the time. This data suggests that homeowners are being a bit pickier when selling.

Walkable Communities

Millennials and retirees are more interested in owning property in walkable communities that offer everything they need, within walking distance. These mixed-use communities were barely constructed a decade ago. Now they are a must for various generations.

Mobile and Online Listings

According to "Previously, it was common to find a home through a broker or agent, in classified ads and via yard signs. Today, the Internet is everyone's first stop. The role of brokers and agents has changed as a result. It was often necessary to go through an agent just to see what homes were available. Today, very many listings are only posted online."

Faster Selling Homes

Ten years ago, we didn't use technology as a way of showing a home. Now, with virtual tours available, you're able to view homes online. With the actual viewing of the home being the "second showing", people can make decisions faster and easier.

Rent vs. Owning

Because of the unemployment rate and other issues with our economy, renting as opposed to owning is now more popular than ever. A decade ago, people weren't losing homes or being enslaved due to negative-equity. Over the past ten years, these things have happened and people are now skeptical to buy a home.

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