Why Buy in 2014?

imagesOur Raleigh real estate agents have observed that it’s quite common for people to fret about exactly when is the right time to buy a home. Sure, it’s easy to think about selling your home in Raleigh, but actually buying another one is a bit more difficult. It’s also been our observation that the housing market is the strongest it’s been in several years. Of course, the numbers fluctuate month to month, but overall the market has steadied such that even with a drop in sales percentages, it’s still holding strong.

Raleigh Real Estate Agents: Buy Now, In 2014!

We’ve been tracking the change in the housing market for quite some time, but today we are going to focus on actually buying a home and why we think 2014 is the time to sell your home in Raleigh and purchase your dream house! Below, you’ll find a few reasons you should buy a home in 2014.

Qualified Mortgage Rules

According to quickenloans.com, “New mortgage rules introduced by the federal government are aimed at helping ensure that when borrowers are financed for a mortgage, they’ll be able to pay back the loan. Although some people say these rules may make it harder to secure financing, the rules make it the most secure time to get a mortgage. Borrowers who do receive mortgages have a higher level of certainty that they’ll continue to be able to make their payments.”

Economic Recovery

It is no secret that the economy is trying its best to recovery from a terrible place. Though it is far from meeting historical pace, the economy has turned a corner. We aren’t completely turned around, but we are on the right path. According to USA Today, the economy will continue to improve because:

  • The housing recovery seems real this time.
  • State and local governments have healed.
  • Falling energy prices and slower increases in health care costs are keeping inflation low.
  • As the economy continues to grow, it may make buying a home even more attractive.

Sounds promising to our Raleigh real estate agents! How about you?

For more information on why 2014 is the best time to purchase a home, be sure to check back with us on our next post. In addition, if you’re already ready to sell your home in Raleigh, contact our real estate agents! We are ready to help you get your home on the market and sold in record time!

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