What’s Really Going On in Today’s Housing Market?

current housing marketOur Raleigh Real Estate Agent Takes a Real Look at the Housing Market Conditions!

On January 4th, 2011, the home prices on the U.S. housing market crashed to an all-time low. Since then, our Raleigh real estate agent has seen close to a 40% increase in home prices. Though they’ve been rising since their fall in 2011, price increases have started to slow, midway through 2014. They’re actually beginning to slow down more than originally expected.

In 2013, it was predicted that home prices would rise between 3% and 5% during 2014. 2013 showed a whopping 5% increase throughout the course of the year. There were high hopes for this year, mostly because of what happened with the market in 2013, in general.

While the prediction of 2014’s home price increase was met and surpassed significantly; up 9%, there is still worry over what may happen through the rest of this year. Home inventory demands are still at an all-time high and home selling transactions are happening very quickly.

It was also predicted in 2013 that the available home inventory level would increase, as well. It was expected that new construction and rising home prices would bring more inventory to the market this year. While it has happened to a certain extent, it’s not been significant enough to keep up with demand.

Thankfully, through all the ups and downs on the national housing market, Raleigh's housing market has done nothing but exceed expectations! It's expected that only good things are going to continue for our local housing market!

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For more information on the current housing market conditions, be sure to check back with our Raleigh real estate agent, soon!


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