Things to Do For Fall Home Showings

falltreatsRaleigh Real Estate Agent: Getting Ready for a Fall Home Showing!

When your Raleigh real estate agent brings potential buyers by to look at your home, you are often not there. Occasionally though, you are. This is especially true for open houses and weekend showings.

If you find that you’ll be home during or right before a home showing or open house there are a few things you can do this fall to entice home buyers into falling in love with your home!


The season of fall brings about thoughts of delicious apple and pumpkin flavored goodies. Why not take some time to bake a few apple tartlets or pumpkin spice cupcakes to offer potential home buyers as they peruse your home?

Even better, simmer a glorious pot of homemade apple or pumpkin cider to help make your home smell irresistible. Have a tray ready with mugs, cinnamon sticks and cookies, sitting on the kitchen island and allow home buyers to help themselves as they’re ready to!

Musical Mood

It’s a well-known fact that music sets the mood for a positive atmosphere. While you’re baking and getting prepared for your home showing, turn on some tunes that celebrate the fall season. Leave the music playing as the potential home buyers arrive. The nice music combined with the wonderful smells of your baking efforts will have them singing with joy!

A few albums that come to mind when thinking of fall are:

  • “The First Autum” by Enya
  • “Autum” by George Winston

Feedback and Treats!

In addition to offering treats while the buyers view your home, our Raleigh real estate agent thinks it’s a good idea to offer guests a place to offer comments or feedback based on their viewing of your home. Getting feedback from the viewers can be a great way to make sure you are putting forth all you can to ensure that your home will sell. In return, offer the buyers a small bag of candy corn, popcorn, or other fall treat! They will love it!

For more information to help you get your home ready to sell this fall, visit back with Roark Premier Team and our Raleigh real estate agent, soon!

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