Why Buy in 2014, Continued!

0107housepricesup_304Welcome back! Are you ready to buy a home in 2014? No? Maybe? Yes, but it sounds scary? Hopefully, after reading this post, as well as our previous post, you’ll feel a lot better about taking the plunge and really consider selling your home in Raleigh this year. Below, you’ll find a few more reasons why our Raleigh real estate agent think that 2014 is the time to buy!

Home Prices

We mentioned at the end of our last post that our economy is getting better with each passing month. Though it isn’t back to normal, analysts are predicting that home prices will rise in 2014. While this is great for those selling their homes in Raleigh, it’s not always great for first time home buyers and those wanting to make the switch from renting to owning. Thankfully, prices are anticipated to rise gradually. If the economy continues this rise to the top, home prices will only get higher and higher. Homes being sold in 2015 will be much higher than they are now.  2014 seems to be that sweet spot time for buying a home in Raleigh! In addition, according to quickenloans.com,  “As home values rise, more homeowners will see their equity rising, giving them greater flexibility to sell their current homes and perhaps buy new ones.”

Raleigh Real Estate Agent: Interest Rates are Going Up!

Even toward the end of 2013, interest rates were showing a bit of an increase. Just like home values, interest rates in 2014 are expected to go up, up, up. Right now, they’re considered high, but still historically low.

If you have even a hint of interest in buying a home

', be sure to contact our Raleigh real estate agent soon. You don’t want to miss out on lower home prices and historically low interest rates. We can’t guarantee what the middle to end of 2014 holds. Contact us today!

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