Appraisal Boosting Tips

appraisalBelieve it or not, there are many factors that go into how well your home appraises. In fact, you might be surprised what all an appraiser includes in their assessment of the value of your home.

Raleigh Real Estate Agent: Appraisal Boosting Tips

Are you considering selling your home in Raleigh NC and need to have your home appraised? If so, be sure to keep reading to find out what you can do to boost the appraisal value of your home.

Low appraisals have the ability to ruin an otherwise done deal when selling your home in Raleigh NC. In addition, they can ruin refinancing applications and all your hard work building equity in your home.

Below, you’ll find a few tips from our Raleigh real estate agent that should help you gain the most from your home appraisal. Remember, everything is accounted for during an appraisal. Don’t leave any stone unturned.

Deep Clean Your Home – While appraisers claim that a less than spotless home doesn’t make a difference in their appraisal, you’re wrong to stick to that claim. Dirty dishes in the sink, an overgrown lawn, or messy closets can actually hurt your home’s value.

These things are considered part of the overall condition rating that appraisers are required to evaluate. To steer clear of any issues in this department, give your home a nice deep cleaning, inside and out. Get rid of unneeded clutter items in the closets and storage spaces. After all, you’re expecting to move out soon anyway, right? Get an early start on packing! Your home value may depend on it.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal – As we mentioned in the tip above, an overgrown lawn won’t win over your appraiser’s approval. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges and make sure all weeds are taken care of. You should also plant seasonal flowers to add some interest to your front and back porches. Don’t count any detail out; pressure wash the house, repaint the porch, etc.

For more tips to help boost your appraisal, be sure to check back with our Raleigh real estate agent, soon!

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