Raleigh, NC Snow Day Bucket List!

It's time to enjoy the fun snow day that we have in Raleigh, NC this year! Hopefully, you're safe and warm at home with no plans to venture out until the roads clear! So here's a snow day bucket list to enjoy!



  • Snow cream...it's what's for breakfast...or lunch...or dinner! (Get a snow cream recipe here!).
  • Put food coloring in a squeeze bottle, spray bottle, or eyedropper and make paintings in the snow!
  • Glowstick hide and seek after dark!
  • Make Snow angels (You can even decorate them with odds and ends!).
  • Try your hand at making art in your cup of hot chocolate.
  • Round up all the sweaters and winter clothes that won't fit for a charitable donation!
  • Have a soup potluck with your neighbors!
  • Go on a hunt for animal tracks.
  • Build a Snowmen Family (Don't forget the furry friends!).
  • Have a snowball target contest.
  • Raid the board game closet and have a tournament to decide the ultimate champion!
  • Try your hand at writing a snow haiku.
  • Have a planking contest or other physical challenge! (Gotta keep up with the New Year's resolutions!).
  • Take virtual tours of homes you'd like to buy on our website and find the perfect Raleigh, NC home! (No bundling up needed!).

What would you add to your snow day bucket list?

Have fun and stay warm and safe during the winter weather!  We hope you enjoyed this snow day bucket list!


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