How to Prepare for First Quarter Home Sales in 2014

Real Estate Agents in Raleigh Help You Prepare for First Quarter Home Sales!

imagesCA0C4X1JNow that the holidays are over, there will be a great deal of home showings for the next couple of months. In addition, there will be an increase of homeowners who list their home for sale on the market. Because many refuse to list their home during the holidays, January has become one of the biggest months of the year to list a home on the market. With the rush of homes being placed on the market, the competition rises. It's time to get ready for house shopping with your real estate agent in Raleigh!

When January ends, we will be able to re-evaluate the selling competitions and positions with the new market analysis that will become available shortly after January 31st.

Making sure to re-evaluate is imperative. New competing properties that enter the market in February might offer a home the same size as yours, for a lower price. Another home might offer a home very comparable in size to yours for the same price, with tons of upgrades. Decisions made by home buyers depend on house shopping. They go from home to home in the neighborhood of their choice, deciding which home is the best for the least amount of money.

The Roark Premier Team | Real Estate Agent in Raleigh

In February, many purchase contracts are historically written. In March, home closings spike by more than 35%. Even in our worst economy, March is the gateway to higher numbers of home closings per month, continuing on through September.

This means that the biggest Raleigh real estate season is just around the corner. It’s great all around, for home buyers and sellers! If you haven’t made up your mind yet, about selling your home and purchasing a new one, this information should make your mind up for you!

When you are ready, contact our real estate agent in Raleigh, at The Roark Premier Team. We are available to help you decide when to put your home on the market and more! Contact us, soon!

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