Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Home!

add valueNorth Raleigh Real Estate: Add Value to Your Home Without Breaking the Bank!

Did you know that getting the most for your home in today’s North Raleigh real estate market doesn’t require you to make $100,000 in renovations? That’s right! The best way to invest in your home is through a few easy, DIY projects that will boost your home’s appearance and value!

Below, you’ll find another way to spruce up your home, add value to it, and wow potential buyers as they come over for a viewing of your home! The best part? This project won’t cost you anything!

De-clutter | North Raleigh Real Estate

While this doesn’t seem like a project that actually adds value to your home, it most certainly can affect your home’s overall appearance and give the buyer a chance to see the actual home, not the “stuff” inside it!

It can also add value to your home during an appraisal, as well! Visit back with our previous post to find out how! As we mentioned in that post, de-cluttering should be the very first job you, as a homeowner, do to get your home ready for the North Raleigh real estate market!

To make it easy, store everything you think you can live without for the next few months. Take down personal photos, books, toys, art and pack them away in totes that can be stored somewhere other than your home. You also want to make room in the closets so the buyer can see what type of space they’ll be dealing with. You can even go as far as getting rid of extra appliances like toaster ovens, microwaves, and blenders. Those items are bulky and take up too much counter or cabinet space. Store them away, as well, to show off how much space you actually have!

When you’re done de-cluttering and putting away anything that isn’t needed during the time your home’s on the market, get a friend or family member to walk through your home. Have them make a note of anything that distracted them from what matters the most, your actual home. They should be more interested in the walls, architecture, space in the closets, and more! When they’re done, use the list to de-clutter even more!

Not only will de-cluttering your home add value to it and give the buyers an opportunity to really evaluate you home and the space in it, it'll also help you get a head start on packing up for the big move!

If you're ready to start getting your home ready to sell, contact our real estate office! Our North Raleigh real estate agent will work with you every step of the way and guarantee to sell your home in 59 days or less!

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