Highlighting Your Home’s Features

north hills raleigh real estate Finding out what buyers want and care about is an important part of selling your home. Your home should be showcased as a great fit for potential buyers and offer a more comfortable lifestyle than what they are used to, as well as, what the other competition on the market offers.

North Hills Raleigh Real Estate: Highlighting Your Home's Features

You must try to cater to each type of buyer; first-time buyers, seasoned buyers, investor buyers, and more. Each type of buyer is different, so it’s important to highlight every detail of your home while it’s being marketed. You never know what buyers will want or need. Counting any detail out can be detrimental to a quick sale.

For example, first time homeowners aren’t comparing your home to a competing home. They’re comparing your home to a rented home or apartment. Most of the time, those types of situations don’t offer much storage, outdoor space or extra bedrooms. It’s important to accentuate your storage, as we mentioned in our last post and make sure all extra bedrooms are staged in a way that works well to use every single square foot! The idea is to inspire first time home buyers to live rent-free in a home that’s theirs to personalize and live in for years to come!

Below, our North Hills Raleigh real estate team offers a few more tips that will help you highlight all the details of your home while it’s on the market, as well as, cater to each and every potential home buyer that might be interested in purchasing your home.

Convenience. Many times homeowners think their home will be purchased because of where it’s located. That’s not always the case. In this event, the home buyers tend to leave out the property’s location, based on amenities and attractions close by. Doing this will do one thing only; cause buyers that do not search for homes in your exact zip code to completely miss out on seeing your home online.

What if your neighborhood is a hidden gem right next to the heart of downtown or a half-mile from the Amtrak station or within walking distance of 2 city parks?

These things must be highlighted while marketing your home on the North Hills Raleigh real estate market. You can’t assume that buyers will know exactly where you’re located. Treat your description of your home as if no one has ever seen your home, neighborhood, or close proximity except you. Don’t leave any details out!

For more information on ways to highlight your home's features, be sure to check out our next blog post coming out soon!

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