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Simple Home Buying Tips: Your Budget

In a previous post, we talked about how home purchasing has changed with the advent of the Internet. We'll continue that topic here. The Roark Premier Team, trusted and knowledgeable North Raleigh real estates agents, wants to help educate you on the buying and selling process. Especially given the breadth and depth of information at…
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Home Buying Tips

Back before the internet days, wise house hunting and smart real estate decision-making required a much shorter list of skills.  Considering there wasn't an efficient way to evaluate homes (as there now is online) it was important to have an eagle-eye to search with. A Raleigh real estate agent would look for available homes for sale in…
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Interest Rates Are on the Rise, Should I Buy a Home or Wait?

Roark Premier Team | Real Estate Agents in Raleigh You might have noticed talk on the news or have seen articles on the internet that suggest interest rates are rising. It seems to be a hot topic recently. In fact, they have been climbing up over 4%. Potential home buyers are getting nervous the increase…
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