Best Day of the Year to Buy a Home in the Triangle

Our North Raleigh real estate agent is excited about the home sales in the Triangle so far this year! We expect things to get better, as the end of the year approaches. In fact, Triangle sales are up almost 10 percent from last year.

While inventory supply is still at an all-time low, the market, overall, is still in decent shape compared to previous years.

Best Day to Buy a Home | North Raleigh Real Estate Agent

For those looking to relocate to the North Raleigh area, doing so this year will be a great idea. Our North Raleigh real estate agent has some insight regarding the best day to buy a home in the Triangle.

We've reported many times that even though summer is the busiest time of year for real estate, our real estate agents find that you can often find the best deals during fall and winter. There's also less competition due to shorter days and colder weather.

This seems to hold true for most of our nation, as well. Even in those states that have extreme cold or much milder winters. According to, "Within the Durham-Chapel Hill MSA, it was determined that the best day of the year to buy a home is on Dec. 27 when the average sale price was discounted 29 percent below the market's 15-year average sale price of $209,941. Over the past 15 years, the best day of the year to buy a home in Raleigh is actually at the peak of the summer season: July 5. On that day, average home sale prices have been discounted 25 percent from the market's sale price average of $204,770.

This information is brought to us by RealtyTrac. It might seem odd, but if you're really serious about buying the home of your dreams, you might wait on the upcoming magical days of the year to buy a home. But, there are other ways to go about doing so, as well.

In general, RealtyTrac suggests that there are other days that are great for home buyers, as well. Monday is the best weekday to buy a home any time of the year. This day is typically when buyers gain a discount on the sale price of a little more than two percent off the estimated market value at time of sale. On the other hand, Thursday is proving to be the worst day of the week to buy a home, anywhere in the nation.

To learn more about the best day to buy a home nationally, visit back with our blog, soon! Our North Raleigh real estate agent will have that info for you!

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