4 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

Spring in North Carolina is in full swing!  Perhaps you're ready to tackle spring cleaning and chase away the last remains of winter...we have some tips to help!  These can also come in handy when prepping your home for sale, as ANY time is spring cleaning time when listing!

1) Plan the Tasks!

It's so important to do the cleaning in the right order!  You don't have to do it all at once, but plan to organize and declutter first, then dust, deep clean, and lastly vacuum.  If you try to do things out of order, you'll find the dust and mess will feel like it's following you from room to room!  Break down the tasks and make a checklist...it will remind you that you really are making progress!

2) The Right Tools for the Job!

There's so many cleaning products on the market, sometimes it can seem overwhelming.  So many chemicals and concoctions promising to get every nook of your home sparkling clean...what do you do?!  Remember that sometimes it's not the formula that will help do the job best, but the right tools that take cleaning to the next level!

-Microfiber cloths: For dusting or wiping down walls (or stainless steel appliances!), these cloths can make all the difference in streak free shine or dust grabbing power.

-Old fashioned bristle scrub brush: In the shower/bath area, scrubbing sponges are great, but nothing beats this tried and true tool!

-Expanding handle duster: Ledges on high windows seem impossible to clean, so check online vendors for the right specialty item for the job if it's not in local stores in the right length for your needs.

-Paintbrush: They aren't just for painting!  Small paintbrushes can make short work of intricate picture frames, pleated lamp shades and more!

-Washcloths: Even the best paper towels lack the absorbency and scrubbing power and versatility of a washcloth!

-Window Track Cleaning Brush: Oh yes, this annoying little chore has it's own special tool!  What a time and hassle saver!

3) Little Things

Little things can make a big impression...and when every nook and cranny is clean, there's no better feeling!  Check light fixtures, as dust collects on bulbs on and inside of lamp shades and domes.  Refrigerator vents and condensor coils should be cleaned monthly, but it's easy to miss!  Take anything off the walls that is removable.  Dust hides behind picture frames, art, and shelving.

4) Un-Cleaning!

Don't forget to add some non-cleaning tasks to your spring cleaning list as they are often overlooked.  Change the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors if the routine checks have been skipped.  Fire extinguishers should also be inspected annually!  Check for loose/rotting slats on wooden fences or loose links on metal fences.  Inspect concrete areas on the driveway and patio for cracks and holes that may need repair.  Replace any worn weatherstripping around windows, doors, and the garage.

Amidst all the spring cleaning, don't forget the most important tip of all...take the time to enjoy and breathe in the beautiful arrival of spring!  And remember that all the time you invest in cleaning and maintaining your home are an investment that will pay off in ALL seasons of life!

Happy Spring!


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